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Sexy Bookmarks as a Joomla Modul

Sexy Bookmarks is a very nice Social Bookmark Plugin for Joomla.
But Its just a Plugin and not a Modul. But You can run it a a Modul with „Plugin in Modul„. After installing the modul as usual you have to configure it: Type of Plugin: {plugin CODE} Plugin to execute: sexybookmark

Depending on where you like to show the Sexy Bookmarks you have also to configure the Sexy Bookmark Plugin. I prefer to show the Bookmarks Links on every site at the bottom so I configured it like this:

Display Sexy Bookmarks on Frontpage => No
Display Sexy Bookmarks on article pages => No
Display Sexy Bookmarks on blog layout pages=>No
Display only if manually defined=>Yes

Now there is just a little mistake, there are no titles in the links:
For fixing this we have to change one line in the PHP file of  „Sexy Bookmarks“. The file you need is: plugins/content/sexybookmarks.php
Here we need the line: $title = urlencode($article->title); For me its the No. 182. This line we have to replace by two other:
$doc =& JFactory::getDocument();
$title = urlencode($doc->getTitle());

After this little change the page title should be linked:

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