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Trusted Shops Customers Rating in Virtuemart / Joomla

I created a small modul for showing the cumtomers rating widget from in your Joomla / Virtuemart: Trustedshops Widget for Joomla

Just install the modul as usual in Joomla and then go to extensions->moduls and configure it there. You need to enable the modul and to enter your trustedshops id.

If you would like to have a rating button in the virtuemart confirmation emails first download one of the pics:

and put it on your server to /components/com_virtuemart/themes/default/images/

Now you have to edit the email-template. Open the file: /components/com_virtuemart/themes/<your actual theme>/templates/order_emails/confirmation_email.tpl.php

Search for the line:
echo $footer_html;

and put above it this code (replace the TSID with your own ID and if you use an outher pic, replace the pic-name):

$footer_html .= '<br /><br /><a  href="'.
urlencode(base64_encode($dbst->f('user_email'))) .'&shopOrderID='. urlencode(base64_encode($order_id)).'"
target="_blank" title="Shop-Rating"><img style="border:0 none;" src="" alt="Rate our shop!"/></a>';

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