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How to make Email communication safe?

Emails are not private and not secure! Without special software you cannot verify if the Email is send by the Person it says it is. And your Emails can be read by a lot of people, e.g. Internet Provider, Government, Email Provider. PGP is used to encrypt and to sign Emails.

If you use Outlook get GPG4Win ( for securing your communication.

If you use Thunderbird use Enigmail (

In case you are just using your browser to read Emails check GetFireGPG ( WebPG ( it looks promising and works fine for my webmail.

Here are some more ideas how to insure privacy:


My public keys are availability on the key server:

The fingerprint for my work email address is: 9893 62D2 90F5 970E 4F96 DC08 A676 C738 D0EC 51DC

And for my private one: 9F61 054F AAD0 F32A 273F F7EC 456E 56C0 9223 2E3F

Please double-check the fingerprints if I’ve send you my public key by Email.

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